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Bowser Headshot 2020.jpg

Andrew Bowser directed his first feature, “The Mother of Invention” in 2009 and it debuted at The Hollywood Film Festival that year. The following year, he crafted the found-footage horror/comedy “Jimmy Tupper VS The Goatman of Bowie” which had its premiere at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival in Austin.


In between that feature and his next, he began directing music videos and short films that eventually led to his third feature, “Worm” which premiered at Seattle International Film Festival in 2013 and was nominated for the New American Cinema Award.


That same year, he began working full-time for Nerdist Industries (later Legendary Digital Networks). In his 5 years at Nerdist, he has helmed a number of the company’s most viewed videos, and directed the bulk of their narrative branded content. He wrote and directed all 8 episodes of “Welcome to the Shadow Zone”, a web series featuring his viral character, Onyx The Fortuitous and completed a proof of concept short “House Mother” just last year as a pitch for a horror feature.


He has worked with Funny Or Die, Overwatch League, and companies such as Chrysler, Toyota, Twix, Warner Bros, Blumhouse and more. He acts as “in-house Director” for Nerdist while also maintaining his own successful YouTube channel bolstered by nearly 200,000 subscribers. Just last year, he created the short film “The Mystic Museum” as a proof of concept for a Nerdist television series.

in 2020 Andrew wrote and directed several short films including "Little Willy", "Self  Tape" and "Thrill Me!

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